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Savage X 4.6 Wheelie Action

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I have a couple HPI Savage X 4.6 RC Trucks. When I purchased the first truck, nearly 5 years ago, I had a problem keeping the front end down. It happened so easily that I eventually purchased a wheelie bar for the truck.  Obviously quite a bit of time has passed since I first purchased the truck. Since then I purchased a used Savage X 4.6 for me since the first was actually for my lovely wife.  The truck that I purchased used for me had an Axial .32 Spec 1s motor.  It has always idled a little bit erratically, but I didn’t think much about it.  It has always been pretty fast, but I’ve never been able to get it to wheelie like the new 4.6 did when it was new.  The 4.6 had worn a lot of time on it, and it wasn’t pulling wheelies any more either.

I have been searching the www looking for answers of how to get the truck to wheelies again.  We put some bigger tires on the original truck, and geared it down to a 14/52 clutch bell/spur gear combo. When I did that installed a new clutch.  It started pulling wheelies again.  After a while of playing with that truck the 4 year old motor finally gave out.  It was time for a new one. I purchased another Axial .32 motor.  I put stock sized tires back on and the cb/sg combo back to the stock 17/47 ratio.  After braking in the new motor  and starting to tune it in I’ve noticed that the new .32 ci (5.2 cc) motor won’t pull wheelies like the stock 4.6 cc motor did when it was new.

There were several things that people in the Savage-Central.com forum suggested checking out.

  • Not tuned correctly (too rich/too lean) set it back to factory defaults and start over
  • Throttle not opening all the way
  • Slipper clutch too loose
  • Colder glow plug
  • Clutch worn out
  • Brakes dragging
  • Are the rear shocks stiff enough
  • Shifting too early/too late
  • Stuck in second gear
  • Tranny gears stripped

Pinch Test:

If you pinch the fuel line that goes to the carb how long before it dies? Pinch the line about in the middle (about 3-4 inches from carb). It looks like you could stand to lean the hsn just a little, because you are putting out a lot of smoke at wide open throttle.  If it takes more than 3 or 3.5 seconds to die when you do the pinch test you need to lean the (Low Speed Needle) LSN a little until you get it to die around 3 seconds while pinching.

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