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Perl CPAN easy install

I ran into an interesting little bit of information as I was working on a perl project.  I was trying to do some XML manipulation within perl, and I ran across the techrepublic.com that had an article about XML::Simple, which is an extension for perl.

While reading through their article they talked about installing XML::Simple. I was thinking here come the whole procedure download, make, make install, etc., but that wasn’t the case. Apparently you can install items from CPAN very easily from the command line. Here is all it took to install the XML::Simple extension.

perl -MCPAN -e shell

After running that I was in a CPAN shell with a command prompt that looked like.


Then to install the XML::Simple all I had to do was run the following.

install XML::Simple

Speaking of simple. Now I have XML::Simple, and a new simple way to install extensions from CPAN.

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