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I have been using XBMC for quite a while.  Actually it was one of the main reasons that I got the original xbox. It’s quite a spectacular piece of software, especially being freeware. The other bit of technology that I have been enjoying lately is my HTC Hero, which is an Android power phone.

I have moved on from the original xbox, and now have XBMC installed on several different computers.  Including my Laptop, Acer REVO, and  Mac Mini.  This piece of software allows me to control my various XBMC programs with my cell phone.

You will need to make sure that you have the XBMC installs set up to allow the remote, which works over http. In XBMC you will need to verify your settings.

System > Settings > Network > Services

  1. There you will have to enable Allow control of XBMC via HTTP.
  2. Set and note the Port
  3. Set and note the Username
  4. Set and note the Password

Note: you’ll have to do this for each User on the XBMC machine, and on each separate XBMC machine.

These are the items that will have to be set up in the Android XBMC Remote Control.  You can either search the google market for XBMC and download and install the XBMC Remote from Team-XBMC or you have a Barcode Scanner on your Android device you can scan the above given code.

Launch the XBMC Remote and configure your hosts. You’ll have to go to Menu > Add Host

  1. Enter the Name of what you want the host to be called on your phone.
  2. Enter the IP address of the XBMC Host
  3. Enter the Port that you noted above
  4. Enter the Username you noted above
  5. Enter the Password you noted above
  6. I  haven’t started using the EventServer port yet
  7. The last thing that I have done is check the WiFi only, because I haven’t forwarded the ports to my individual computers, and thus my phone needs to be on my LAN.

For more information you can visit the xbmc.org website.

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