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Clone VirtualBox Machine

I wanted to make a new copy of a virtual box machine that I have. It’s an install of Windows XP which has some modifications done to it with nLite.

You have to first clone the hard drive with the VBoxManage command, or else there will be issues with the UUIDs being the same.

cd ~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks
VBoxManage clonehd WinXP\ SP3\ Lite.vdi AutoCAD.vdi

You should see something similar to the following.

~/.VirtualBox/HardDisks$ VBoxManage clonehd WinXP\ SP3\ Lite.vdi AutoCAD.vdi
Sun VirtualBox Command Line Management Interface Version 3.1.6_OSE
(C) 2005-2010 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
All rights reserved.

Now that the disk has been cloned you can add it to VirtualBox. To do that you will need to open VirtualBox OSE and do the following: select New from the menu bar.

  1. Select “New” from the tool bar.
  2. Under VM Name and OS type
    1. Fill in the Name and OS Type
    2. Select Next.
  3. Under Memory
    1. Select Ram Size.
    2. Select Next.
  4. Under Virtual Hard Disk
    1. Select Use existing hard disk, and select the file that you just cloned.
    2. Select Next.
  5. Under Summary
    1. Review the settings, and fix if necessary
    2. Select Finish.

Enjoy your new cloned virtual machine.  For more information about copying and cloning VirtualBox virtual machines you can see srackham.wordpress.com

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