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AT&T Tilt Custom ROM – Dutty’s Diamond V1

I’ve been running Dutty’s Official WM6.1 5.2.19209 UC ROM for about a month and a half now, so naturally it was time to see if I could tweak my phone a little more. There have been a few new developments in the ROM Cooking world. The chefs have figured out how to get the keyboard layouts from the new HTC Diamond ROM and put them into the ROMs for the Tilt.

I headed over to the xda-developers forum again. I found that Dutty had come back to cook up another ROM after having taking a short break from the “sport”. This time around I had selected to go with the [Jun 07] Dutty’s Diamond V1 Build 19588 ROM. I had already installed HardSPL from my first ROM flashing experience, so I didn’t have to worry about that. Everything actually went very smoothly. You should remember to backup all your information prior to doing any of this. Here are the things that I like to backup.

  1. PIM Backup
    1. Appointment
    2. Call Logs
    3. Contacts
    4. Messages
    5. Speed Dials
    6. Tasks
  2. Beyond Pod Feeds (OPML file)
  3. SPB Finance
  4. My Documents

I actually upgraded the ROM from a Windows Vista Machine. I read around a little bit and just made sure that I had updated to Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 prior to installing the ROM. I don’t know if that was really necessary, but it did work. Just remember to follow the following steps from the Introduction to ROM flashing. I have added a couple additional things in the steps from the list on xda.

  1. CID-unlock your device by following the instructions at pof’s HTC Kaiser Hard-SPL v1 – CID Unlock & Flash any ROM to your device (4 free)-thread This needs to be done to flash a ROM to your device which is not created from your provider (or HTC if you own a device with HTC branding). Additionally you may check persianowns Kaiser HardSPL Walkthrough Video. If you are running in a white screen running HardSPL, please read this thread.
  2. Make sure you installed HardSPL as follows: power off and then press power on while keeping camera pressed, this will enter the so called bootloader mode and you see a tri-color screen (Red, Green, Blue). You should see “SPL-1.0 OliPof” on the second line in the top left corner (for version 1.x Hard SPL) . You should see “SPL-3.2x.Hard” on the second line in the top left corner (for version 3.2x Hard SPL). You can exit this mode by means of a “soft reset”: press the reset button with the stylus.
  3. Search this forum for the ROM, you like to flash. Then download and, if needed, extract it.
  4. Check, if your Radio-ROM matches the new ROM. If you don’t find any information in the ROM’s thread don’t mind. You can update your Radio ROM later if you gain any problems. Many of the ROMs come with a radio built right in, and they usually will list in the release information which additional Radio ROMs are compatible.
  5. Make sure, your devices battery status is NOT LESS than 50%.
  6. Connect your device to your computer and wait until activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center recognizes it.
  7. Last chance to synchronize and/or backup files. All files and databases will be deleted after performing the next step! (Optional: If you want to save your text messages and/or eMails, use a tool like DotFred’s PIM Backup.) This is a very handy little utility.
  8. Execute the .exe file you downloaded with the ROM.
  9. Follow the instructions and DO NOT disconnect your device until flashing is finished.
  10. Disconnect your device from your computer.
  11. Activesync Tips
    1. You need to delete the old activesync/Windows Mobile Device Center partnership, because it thinks, your device is not the same as before… and it is right. Deleting an old partnership is only possible, if the device is not connected.
    2. If you want to change the name of your device, do that now by clicking Start > Settings > System > About > Device ID. Enter the new name of your device and click on Ok.
  12. Connect your device to your computer, create a new partnership and synchronize. Then configure your device to your needs and if needed install additional software.

After getting the ROM installed I did notice that some of the programs seemed like they were freezing up temporarily. I decided to go ahead and install HardSPL 3.28 to see if it would help. As far as I have seen it really does appear to help out this ROM version from Dutty. The following are the steps for the HardSPL installation process. You can find the files at the xda-developers website.
How to Install 3.2x.Hard SPL:

  1. Plug the device into your PC
  2. Copy Jump/Soft to your device. use JumpSPL If you have the “White Screen” issue, if you don’t, you can use SSPL-KAIS.exe.
  3. Take out your SD card & SIM Card.
  4. Run Jump/Soft SPL on your device.
  5. Wait for the bootloader screen to appear and “USB” to show.
  6. Right-click activesync, go into connection settings and ensure Allow USB Connections is unchecked.
  7. Unplug your device from the USB port, wait 5 – 20 seconds, plug it back in.
  8. Run KaiserCustomRUU.exe and flash the SPL.

It appears that there is a WIKI page with all of the ROMs listed on it. That would be a good place to look to see if you can find a ROM that you would like to install.

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